Train Accident Injures 50+ People

Train Accident Injures 50+ People
Train Accident Injures 50+ People

According to a recent news article from ABC News 40 Springfield, at least 55 people were hurt when an Amtrak passenger train was involved in a crash with a tractor-trailer. At least one victim suffered a serious personal injury.

Train Sign.jpg North Carolina state police say a tractor-trailer driver was attempting to make a difficult left turn, when he got his truck stuck on the railroad tracks. Another witness said truck driver was actually attempting to make a right turn when he got stuck on the tracks.

In addition to the discrepancy as to exact course of events leading to this serious accident, there is dispute as to the number of people injured. State agency representatives said 54 people were transported to local hospitals with injuries, which were not life threatening, and one passenger was rushed to a level one trauma center with serious life-threatening injuries. Meanwhile, Federal Railroad Administration officials claim there were 62 total injuries.

The investigation is still ongoing, but it is believed the driver, who wasn't injured, was able to jump out of his truck before the train made impact with it. After it collided with the truck, the locomotive derailed and fell over it its side, along with the first two cars of the train. The first car to derail was a baggage car, and the second was a passenger car. There were 173 other passengers on the train who were not injured.

Amtrak arranged for coach buses to take them to Richmond, Virginia.

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