Toddler Daycare Death Investigated

Toddler Daycare Death Investigated
Toddler Daycare Death Investigated

The death of child, especially a toddler, can cause unimaginable suffering to victim's family. It is something so horrific, we try not to even think about such things happening.

65905_hospital_corridor_1.jpg According to a recent article from the Helena Independent Record, a toddler died after she stopped breathing while she was in daycare. Witnesses say young victim, an 18-month-old girl, died at a hospital in Spokane, Washington. Emergency personnel responded to a private residence being used as a local daycare. When authorities arrived, they found victim not breathing. They rushed her to a local hospital. Doctors pronounced her dead approximately a week after the tragic incident.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the situation, but medical examiners have not released a cause of death at this time. What is known is victim started aspirating her own vomit, and suffering swelling in her brain.

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