Massachusetts Couple Injured on Rented Snowmobile

Massachusetts Couple Injured on Rented Snowmobile
Massachusetts Couple Injured on Rented Snowmobile

Even with the seemingly long winter finally winding down, there is still time for many to enjoy outdoor activities the colder season has to offer.

Snowmobile riding, for example, can be a lot fun. But it can also be dangerous. Because many people do not own a snowmobile, accidents often involve rented equipment and riders with little or no experience.

596152_snow_mobile_at_sefsen_sweden_1.jpg According to a recent news article from the Sun Journal, a couple from Massachusetts was involved in a snowmobile accident when their machine was unable to make a sharp curve and ran into a large tree.

The 66-year-old husband and 64-year-old wife were riding a rented snowmobile on a mountain in Maine. After hitting the tree, both riders were injured an required immediate medical attention. Due to the remote location, first responders rode their own snowmobiles to the accident scene to assist the two victims. A medical evacuation helicopter was called to the scene to fly the male victim to the nearest level one trauma center for immediate treatment. His wife was put in a sled attached to an EMS worker's snowmobile and taken down the mountain, so a waiting ambulance could transport her to a local emergency room. She suffered a shoulder injury in the crash. Her husband suffered broken bones and possible other injuries that were not known at the time of initial reports.

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