Madonna Suffers Whiplash from Stage Fall

Madonna Suffers Whiplash from Stage Fall
Madonna Suffers Whiplash from Stage Fall

As most of us have heard by now, Madonna fell off a stage during a performance at the Brit Awards. Madonna was performing during the awards ceremony and blames her fall on a wardrobe malfunction.

ct-scans-1-262490-m.jpg During her performance, she was wearing a cape that was supposed to fall off her shoulders. The cape failed to fall and caused her to be pulled backwards off the stage. According to a recent news article from BBC News, Madonna says wardrobe personnel were worried her cape would fall off early and tied it extra tight to make sure that didn't happen. When it was time for the cape to fall, Madonna was at the top of a flight of stairs designed for the set, and she pulled the string as she was instructed to do in an attempt to release the cape.

At this point the cape did not release and it started to strangle her. She realized she could either intentionally fall off the stage or be strangled by the cape. She chose to fall, saying that she had fallen off her horse many times and knew the proper way to take a fall. When she landed on the ground, Madonna says she hit the back of her head and suffered whiplash. Medical personal preformed an initial test to determine if she suffered a concussion, and also someone was posted to watch over her with a flashlight until early the next morning to make sure did not present any new signs of head injury.

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