Police Officer Sues Starbucks Over Coffee Burn

Police Officer Sues Starbucks Over Coffee Burn http://ift.tt/1QT7i1T Police Officer Sues Starbucks Over Coffee Burn

Whenever anyone talks about lawsuits and big verdicts, they quite often think of the woman who sued McDonald's when she was burned by hot coffee in her car. People often use that story as an example of how lawsuits are out of control in this country.

coffee1.jpgIn reality, most people have very little idea as to what actually happened in that case. The victim had a hot cup of coffee in a car but was not driving. She was a passenger. The coffee was not just hot, but was around 210 degrees, because the company chose to hold their coffee just below boiling. The company had received nearly a thousand reports of customers being burned by their coffee - including children and elderly - and still refused to lower the temperature. Another fact most people don't know is the woman suffered third degree full thickness burns to her crotch and legs, as it actually burned through her pants, and, despite that extreme pain, she offered to settle the case for less than $15,000, but the company refused.

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