Millions in Grants Awarded for TBI Research

Millions in Grants Awarded for TBI Research Millions in Grants Awarded for TBI Research

A traumatic brain injury or "TBI" can have serious effects on victims that can last the rest of their lives if they are fortunate to survive the initial trauma. Those who suffer a traumatic brain injury may have difficulty with both long- and short-term memory, performing tasks requiring use of motor skills, automatic bodily functions, and concentration and cognitive abilities.

brainscan.jpgSome of this damage will never go away, while some of the symptoms can improve though hard work, determination and a very lengthy rehabilitation process. That process is too often not only extensive, but extremely expensive. It is costly not only in terms of medicals bills, but in the financial hardship associated with not being able to work.

To help traumatic brain injury patients, scientists are working on new techniques in the operating room and during the rehabilitation process. While they are making daily progress, many researchers rely on grants to fund their expensive research. According to a recent news article from NJBIZ, $6.3 million in new grants have been awarded to help with their ongoing efforts.

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