Dangerous Pets in New England

Dangerous Pets in New England http://ift.tt/1IWY2so Dangerous Pets in New England

Many people choose to own pets. When we are talking about a cat or a nonviolent breed of dog, or a fish, this typically doesn't cause any problems, and people derive a great deal of enjoyment from their animals.

Thumbnail image for 269548_emergency.jpgHowever, some people choose to keep more exotic species of animals as pets, and some pose a safety risk to others. Some of these exotic animals are even illegal to keep as pets in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

You may recall the report in recent years regarding a neighbor who was attacked by a neighbor's pet chimpanzee or another harmed by a pet snake. While these incidents may be reported as crazy occurrences, the fact is, these kind of injuries happen on a regular basis.

According to a recent report from Bangor Daily News, we are experiencing an increase in the frequency of dangerous animal attacks throughout the New England area.

Of course, the article discusses the 2011 case of a Boston woman who was attacked by her employer's pet chimpanzee. In that incident, the 200-pound chimpanzee attacked her, causing her to lose her nose, lips, hands and eyelids, and, later, a disease from the animal caused doctors to have to remove her eyes. She required a full face transplant and suffered extreme disfigurement which will never heal and unimaginable emotional distress.

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